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The Noyo Food Forest continues to create spaces of common ground where all kinds of people come together to grow healthy food. We need your help to keep it growing! Invest in your future and support your sustainable local food system today!

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The Noyo Food Forest announces the election of Steve Lund as President of the Board at its August meeting of the Board of Directors. Lund is the former Superintendent of Fort Bragg Unified School District. Two new members were elected to the Board: Beth Pine, Kudos After School Program Coordinator, formerly Executive Director, Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District; and Frank Menhams, President of the Fort Bragg Grange. – In a statement, Lund said, “Noyo Food Forest’s valued Farm to [...]

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Our Saturday Farm Stand was lots of fun. So many members of our community care about the fate of the Noyo Food Forest’s Learning Garden. Those of us on the NFF board are very grateful for this outpouring of cheerful volunteer labor!

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The next Friends of the Noyo Food Forest community meeting will be Thursday, July 24 at 6:00 p.m. in the Shade House at the Fort Bragg High School Learning Garden.

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