Youth Internship Garden Curriculum

Grow People, Grow Soil, Grow Food: A Curriculum for Youth Garden Internships based on 10 years of programing in The Learning Garden

Teaching and learning are living processes. The garden teaches the us new things all the time. We learn and shift and are open to changing our thinking and our actions. We discover new information, or have new experiences with the garden or the interns.
Having committed the curriculum to print, we hope for it to be an inspiration rather than a blueprint. It’s a picture of a well-informed moment in time. But our experience keeps growing, as do our sources for more information.
So to keep developing the curriculum, and keep our record of new experiences and better information ongoing, the document is kept in our workplace in a large binder. Every sheet is in a protective sleeve to ensure its longevity despite regular handling. For every page, there is a page of notes for comments, addenda, references, or whatever input gardeners or interns want to append when reviewing it. We will update the curriculum online periodically with info from these notes, and continue to expand the Resources section as we find new and valuable information sources.