To cultivate and model a healthy local food system, Noyo Food Forest provides opportunities for Mendocino Coast youth and community to learn about, grow and access garden fresh food. 

Noyo Food Forest was founded in the fall of 2006 by Katrina Aschenbrenner, Kim Morgan and Susan Lightfoot to create lasting positive change through organic food cultivation on the Mendocino coast. Since then and through a diverse range of leadership NFF has created and tended to several community food gardens, established many pilot programs serving Mendo coast youth encouraging the co-mingling of diverse people on common ground, supporting and promoting local food sovereignty and independence.

growing community one garden at a time…

Community Involvement

  • NFF has been involved with starting, tending and/or assisting to reinvigorate 11 gardens throughout the Fort Bragg area.
  • NFF organizes community events where local garden wisdom is shared, food and garden artisans may sell their goods including our Earth Day Festival and fiscal sponsorship of local environmental organizations.
  • NFF organizes and engages community volunteers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in the transformation of our local food system.
  • All program, gardens and events are safe spaces of common ground where people come together to grow a healthy local food system.

We offer free and low-cost workshops, collaborate with Fort Bragg Unified School District offering students paid internships and apprenticeships, and offer ongoing classes in organic, community-based agriculture to train a new generation of local farmers and gardeners how to feed our community.

Social Enterprise
NFF is involved in starting small, garden-based business enterprises to support our educational center, provide vocational training and catalyze the local food economy.


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Nuestra Misión:
Noyo Food Forest cultiva un sistema local de comida saludable que provee oportunidades de educación, iniciativas sociales y participación comunitaria.

Educación: Ofrecemos talleres gratis o a bajo costo, prácticas y experiencias de aprendizaje pagados y constantes clases en agricultura orgánica con base en la comunidad para entrenar a una nueva generación de agricultores locales y jardineros en cómo alimentar nuestra comunidad.

Iniciativa Social: Comenzamos con una pequeña iniciativa de negocio basada en el jardín para apoyar nuestro centro educacional, para ofrecer entrenamiento vocacional y promover la economía local de comida. Casi la mitad de nuestros gastos de operación se juntan a través del mercado del jardín y las iniciativas del vivero en nuestro proyecto estrella: el Jardín de Aprendizaje de la Escuela Secundaria de Fort Bragg.

Participación Comunitaria: Organizamos y atraemos a voluntarios de la comunidad de todas las edades, habilidades y trayectorias a nuestro sistema de alimentación local. Nuestros jardines son espacios comunes donde todo tipo de gente se junta para crecer comida saludable.