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Farewell 2016

2016 May be ending, but our Winter garden is just getting started, take a look at what we’ve been up to:

East Hoop House

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Main Beds East


Main Beds A-Z


Main Beds East Alt


Main Beds West Alt


South East Alley


top dressing the candy cane…


Bull’s Blood Beets


Bull’s Blood Detail


West Beds


West Beds Alt


Strawberry Wall


Domestic Compost

It ends up what was sitting at the bottom of some massive compost heaps when I got here is the same exact soil I found nearest the south fences where I just planted a bunch of Austrian peas, but a little richer indeed. A little damp because, well, it has been wet. But I see the potential to move in the direction of our own local peat. Those monster piles that I have been wondering what the heck to do with? Let them stay. Move them around every month or two and use what crumbles to the bottom.



Soil “Block” Test Crop


Starts (Beets & Austrian Winter Peas)
Starts Various

Those soil blocks have leeks and and it looks like best moisture ratio.


Starts Bridger Onions


Starts Marigolds, Echinacea, Ageratum, Carrots, Snow Peas, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Onions, Etc.
Starts Various Alt


kYra planting Lettuce

These are my second go at the cool little soil block extruder Matthew put together. The first set I seeded leeks and seemed just right. Then I thought they looked a little dry and might crumble. The sets pictured here seem way too wet. But #learning what the perfect combinations of our current seeding mix, our “domestic” compost (pictured above) and water will be.


kYra planting Lettuce Alt


Main Beds West Alt2


Perennial Mustard Greens via Linda Leitner


North Hoop House Prepped Beds

Matthew wanted to take down the A frames as they pose an efficiency issue when doing bed prep and later hula hoeing. But Sakina helped me to see the value of keeping the structures, so we compromised and took one out, left one up and added a bed to the North Hoop House with the added space.

Main Beds West Alt3


North Hoop House Totality


Glorious Sphagnum


Main Beds Middle


Panorama South
Panorama East

all images and captions by Matthew Richards, Garden Tech.

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